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Notice about changing Pride MarkShop

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Pride Mark Shop on Web will be closed and new shop will be opened in game

  • We would like to announce that current Pride Mark shop will be closed in April 11th.
    From April 23rd, the new shop in game.
  • You create and use the marks right away, instead of waiting a week.
  • The current Pride Marks will be remained, but the Pride Marks which was paid between April 11th and now are not applied, all of them will be initilized and spent golds will be refunded at April 23rd.
  • We are sorry for the inconvenience in use and hope you to understand this update is to help you by providing better service.
  • Thanks for your understanding.

Notice about new Pride Mark Shop

  • - Only Pride Master can have a permit to buy a Pride Mark
  • - Everyone can check the marks to Pride Mark shop, but you can not purchase them.
  • - In case of repurchasing Pride mark, additional 5,000 cash will be spent.
  • - At the first time to purchase Pride Mark, you will need 500 points of Pride and 300,000 Golds.
  • - In case of Background, it is a requiremnt for the process, but Frame, Mark, Decoration are all options.
  • - The Pride Mark which you pay for will be applied immediately and you can check when you move into channel.

How to visit Pride Mark Shop

- In order to visit Pride Mark Shop, you can click the Pride Icon at the Lobby, and you build your own Pride Mark with various colors and shapes.

How to purchase Pride Mark

  • 1 The slot shows which Mark you have now.(If you don't, the slot will be empty.)
  • 2 You can check the preview image of the Mark you select.
  • 3 You can check the preview of each layer you selected.
  • 4 You can purchase the marks you selected with this button.
  • 5 You can check the image by category for each layer.
  • 6 These are all selectable images.
  • Thanks.
  • Please give us support and attend.
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