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  • ㆍ Game Mode : DeathMatch
  • ㆍ Map Size : Normal
  • In commemoration of the Zeppelin of War World 1, Siemens, one of the major companies in Germany, constructed "Neo Zeppelin" with installing strong engine and nonflammable body for military purpose.
    Neo Zeppelin was flying between Germany and England to transport people and supplies.
    In a way from Germany to England, Terrorist hijacked Neo Zeppelin which was loaded up with a large amount of weapons and bombs.
    Like German airship in World War 1, Terrorist get Neo Zeppelin fly for bombing attack on England.
    Though Neo Zeppelin is flying through the straits of Dover, it's impossible to shoot down the airship, since VIPs from many countries are on board.


  • Zeppelin
  • Zeppelin
  • Zeppelin
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