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Train Factory

  • ㆍ Game Mode : IceHold, Destruction
  • ㆍ Map Size : Normal
  • Colombia, the largest drug-producing country in Latin, carried out mission called "white bullet" for 4 months in order to sweep out drug companies and the rebels.
    The rebels and drug company hired Pride got independence from 2021.
    In opposition to this situation, government hired prides to fight.
    17th Oct. 2021, a large amount of drug was detected at Bogota station and it was verified that the financial resource of Cartel for the purpose of supporting the rebels.
    Drug company try to take drug loaded in a train and transfer them to other place. Colombia military were out in force to protect train but annihilated by pride. As a countermove, Colombia Government hired pride unavoidably.

Train Factory

  • Train Factory
  • Train Factory
  • Train Factory
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