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  • ㆍ Game Mode : DeathMatch
  • ㆍ Map Size : Narrow
  • In canyon not far from the two temples, ancient wolf organism was found.
    It's able to develop vaccine to cure diewolf syndorome with this organism. So, the battle broke out between Paien company's private troops and Pride in order to possess it.
    The old canyon could be easily collapse with ourburst sound due to the structure of the canyon while the combat was progressing. So, the crew on both sides were constrained to use the explosive products or their firearms.
    In addition, they had had a very strange phenomenon that after transformed to a mutant wolf, they couldn't control their mental in the area because of unusual ingredient in atmosphere.
    Both sides of the crew are going to rely exclusively CQB combat.


  • Survival
  • Survival
  • Survival
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