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  • ㆍ Game Mode : WolfHuntMode
  • ㆍ Map Size : Narrow
  • The France military wants to eliminate the disappeared wolfteam by modification the ancient dungeon called " Cage"
    , where they secretly conduct a medical experiments on people with severe "Die Wolf syndrome" symptoms.
    Not far from Paien laboratory, the cage is used as the place where they keep or execute the people after the medical experiment.
    The France military want to create more powerful "the 2nd wolfteam by awakening more brutal and powerful instinct of wolves. Among the top grade of the wolf called Lusian, the werewolves rebels revolved around the Lusian and revolt against the France military want to settle the rebellion, the French government begins bloody battle with werewolves.


  • Cage
  • Cage
  • Cage
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