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Angela Mao

Her father, Dr.Mao was a clever Chinese-American man who was head of Paien pharmaceutical lab, but one day he got discorvered as a dead body, bitten by some kind of beasts.

Angela assumes her father was purged by his opposition forces, starts to investigate the reason of his death.

Motor ability came from her mather, also great intelligence from her father helps her to graduate with honors from Wolf military academy.

Now she's one of the top WolfTeam-S lieutenants.

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Angela Mao   Angela Mao SE   Angela Mao
Adult Edition
  Angela Mao
Angela Mao
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Angela Mao

When using; In addition, earn 30% Gold

When this character transforms to Wolf, below additional properties will be applied compared to Basic Wolf.

  • Jump +5%
  • Moving Speed +5%
  • Protection Ability +10%
  • Basic Attack Ability +15%
  • ‘Snake Attack’ Attack Ability +35%
  • When attacked Recover Ability +5%
  • When howling, additional Strength (HP) +200

These properties would be a little different in actual game.

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