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Please view the following to play wolfTeam!

Download the install file to enjoy WolfTeam.

  Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 2000 Windows XP
CPU Pentium4 1.4Ghz Pentium4 2.2Ghz or higher
RAM 512M or higher 1024M or higher
Graphic Card Geforce 5700 or higher Geforce 6800 or higher
Disk Space 400M or higher 400M or higher
DirectX Version Direct X 9.0c or higher Direct X 9.0c or higher

Client Download

* Minimum of 1G free space is required. Please check your PC specification.
To download WolfTeam full version, please click the button below. And follow attached steps.

Download WolfTeam full version client at Wolfteam website

Download via uTorrent

* How to download WolfTeam installer faster by using uTORRENT application.

  • utorrent
  • 1. If you want to download WolfTeam client by using uTorrent, you should have uTorrent application first. Please click ‘Download uTorrent’ button.
  • 2. Click the ‘Download Client’ button at the left.
  • 3. Install after downloading is done.
  • 4. If you can see WolfTeamIS icon on wallpaper of your computer, Installing is done.
* Your downloading is slow? Take other ways to download!

Download Beta Test Client

* Downloadable only for Beta Tester, and it is run separately from the live server.

Download Beta Test Client

Directx Download

* The DirectX version 9.0C or over must be installed on your computer to run WolfTeam.
If not, please click the button below to download the program and fllow the instruction provided.

Download Beta Test Client

Graphic Card Driver Download

* If Wolfteam does not run properly after installing the full version of WolfTeam and the DirectX version 9.0C or over, Please Click one of the buttons below to download the latest 3D Graphic Card Driver and follow the instruction provided.
If not, please click the button below to download the program and fllow the instruction provided.

  • ati
  • 3dfx
  • 3dlabs
  • intel
  • matrox.gif
  • nvidia
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